Feb. 12, 2019

PROJECT - AMO - Trattoria di Mare, Seregno

A tailor-made majolica to tell the emotion of the sea

In the Trattoria AMO in Seregno you really breathe the sea air.

Together with keels of boats hung on the ceiling, painted oars, ropes and woods, the project included a very particular wall.

The wall had to tell the colors of the sea, the movement of the waves and the gleam of the fish.

The task of interpreting these suggestions was entrusted to the maiolica Danilo Ramazzotti.

For this project it was necessary to create very special hand-made formats, which could create the desired movement.

We opted for modules with clean and essential lines, in accordance with the chosen mood, but with very important volumes able to create a decisive graphic game.

The chosen enamels, rigorously super-glossy, are "azzurra" and "oceano" of the Mare collection, with a characteristic transparency and depth, combined with a particular dark and deep tone custom made.

The modules can be made of over 100 colors from the Danilo Ramazzotti range or with a custom color.