May 25, 2017

NEWS - Quick Project

Play with majolica and make your design.

Quick Project is a notebook created as a game that collects hundreds of suggestions, ideas and combinations.

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QUICK PROJECT - Rules of the game

1 - The DESIRE TO PLAY should never be lacking in the everyday life. Play with shapes and colors of our collections and you'll see that the variations are endless!

2 - You can COMBINE our collections to create stylish and sophisticated tones. Try them on the floor: wood, stoneware, resins, terracotta
You'll find that it's easy and fun

3 - START from a combination you like and then change one color at a time by moving to warm or cool colours, towards the light or the dark and photographing your own combinations.

4 - Be guided by your IMAGINATION, sometimes the unexpected results are the most amazing.

5 - THINK of our coatings as an accessory that makes the difference in your outfit. An accessory iden-tifies you, tells about you and makes you special. Our collections do the same with your home.

6 - Be creative, play with colours and BREAK THE RULES!