Oct. 31, 2023

CottoZero: THE handmade terracotta tile like it was never done before


The Cotto Zero Ramazzotti does not simply follow and old tradition.

The careful search of clay and their mixtures and the study of contemporary production techniques make Cotto Zero Ramazzotti the only fully-hand made cotto with characteristics of resistance and maintenance similar to a porcelain stoneware.

COMPLETELY HANDMADE IN ITALY in our factory: quality first of all. High quality Italian raw material: we only select the best Novara`s clay. Highly specialized workmanship and detail care: Every single production is tailored to a specific request and is constantly followed at every stage. Each piece is marked and verified at each step of production.

RESISTANT AND LITTLE ABSORBENT: the Cotto Zero Ramazzotti was created thanks to a careful study of the raw materials.

BREATHABLE AND STAINLESS: the Cotto Zero Ramazzotti thanks to its characteristics and to some of its production stages, guarantees excellent breathability and very high stain resistance.

NATURAL AND CONTEMPORARY: the Cotto Zero Ramazzotti is completely natural and its colour is determined by the wise search and mix of natural clays. Only the blue colour is obtained with the addition of precious pigments. Its technical characteristics allow it to be treated only once after laying and to use solvent-free products in full respect of the environment. With its sophisticated shapes and shades, in addition to the traditional red, and thanks to its practicality, the Cotto Zero Ramazzotti responds perfectly to the needs of contemporary living.



CottoZero - Cotto storico Piemontese -  (historic Piedmontese terracotta)

Upon entering churches and ancient palaces in our area, it often happens that one encounters wonderful terracotta floors.
They are very special terracottas, a deep pinkish color and interwoven with small fragments ranging from ivory to terracotta in color.

These cottos tell the story of everyday craftsmanship carried out by mixing the main local clays, which presented within them everything that nature offered: impurities, fragments of different clays, small pebbles... thus, what was once simply the fruit of what the soil offered, over the centuries has been transformed into a very precise material, as part of a code, able to provide us with the historical perid of reference of the construction itself.

After centuries, we decided to give our historic terracotta a voice again.
This cotto was born to be aesthetically akin to the cotto of our ancestors, but loaded with all the pluses of Cottozero.

A cotto so precious and with such a special color could only be inspired by a woman and a love story; thus, in our kilns "reborn" historical Piedmontese cotto dedicated to "Bella Rusin."


CottoZero - Cotto Italia

CottoZero interprets tradition with this teraacotta dedicated to Italy.
This cotto is made with precious clays from quarries opened in 1850 by Camillo Benso Count of Cavour, the same Cavour who first held the office of Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Italy.

CottoZero Italia is a cotto with a natural surface, and the two colors chosen are those typical of Italian cotto.
Its craftsmanship makes it perfect for all types of restoration of historic environments or for new design interpretations where you want to give special character to the flooring.

The CottoZero Italia Antica version is dressed with a special irregular finish softened by time.


CottoZero - Argille Nobili

Cotto Zero Argille Nobili was born from observation of our Novara lands.

Compact soils that under the sun dry and turn into solid and textured superfci, furrowed by irregular lines, subtle cracks, dotted with dusty shades and the traces of water that has now evaporated.

The same poetry is expressed in the materiality of these terracotta tiles, made and polished completely by hand to preserve the characteristics of a unique texture.

An important materiality that knows how to be both rustic and contemporary, warm and essential.


CottoZero - Terre Pure (Pure Clay)

Cotto Zero Terre Pure encapsulates the beauty of a soft and velvety materiality.

The special processing and subsequent brushing give this cotto a soft and refined surface movement that results in a unique and singular figure, where it is the grazing light that highlights the difference of each piece.

The clays fully express their compactness and chromatics, giving surfaces that tell of the understated and unrepeatable beauty of nature.


CottoZero - Ventilato

CottoZero Ventilato reinvents terracotta by focusing on the technical and chromatic value of the material.

A particular manual processing of the clays allows us to obtain a surface with a uniform tone, where the compactness of our terracotta and the fineness and purity of the clay are fully expressed.

This feature is even more evident in the honed finish which offers a smooth and homogeneous surface.


CottoZero - Pietrame

A unique terracotta is born from the encounter between our finely ground clays and a particular selection of stones.

The aggregates, selected based on color and re-ground in the company to obtain the correct grain size, are added to the mixture, in this way, after firing and surface finishing of the piece, the small fragments appear randomly, dotting the surface.

These inclusions, of different sizes and colors; from ivory to hazelnut to orange, they enrich the surface with elegant chromatic vibrations.

CottoZero Pietrame is another terracotta that comes from the experience of tradition and, in this collection, reinvents itself, becoming a precious interpreter of contemporary style


CottoZero - Variegato

CottoZero Variegato was born from a traditional technique of the Lombardy-Piedmont area, so much so that it is also known in its red variant variegated with yellow as Medone Lombardo.

The aesthetic beauty of these terracotta tiles is proposed both in classic colors and in more original and daring variations, sometimes played on strong contrasts and sometimes on soft transitions of tone.


CottoZero - Variegato Sciruss

The CottoZero Sciruss sublimates the beauty of variegated Cotto, making three or more clay colors coexist in its shaders.

The tones, appropriately chosen and balanced, give rise to articulated and harmonious surfaces where the colors chase each other and mix with an incessant movement, recalling the beauty of certain musical compositions.