Is a design reflection about the union of intense ceramic effects, different forms and materials in strictly repeated modules, where the format gets visually lost with the grout lines. The result of what you see is an overall wall picture rather than the single tile.
The mixtures of color composing the product range have deliberately been combined differently, to characterize different architectural styles.

With Patchwork we wanted to create a collection that did not identify itself into a single style but suggested different stylistic expressions, from colourful effects to plain colour.

To assemble the Patchwork series we used Fusion Batllò and Elementi Scintillanti collections. These collections represent the raw material, the structure, the color and the brightness necessary to unify the chromatic whole.



USE: wall coverings

MATERIAL: mecanical handmade mould glazed

PRODUCTION: handmade

FINISHING: Different mix finishes


SIZE: 40x40 cm  (10x10 cm - 10x30 cm)

THICKNESS: 1 cm nominal

CUSTOM MADE:  different sizes or colors on request