Origami speaks of the beauty of inclined surfaces and tells of the folds that can transform a sheet of paper into an object, a tangible volume charged with the power of the imagination.

The modules with clean and essential lines, thanks to their volumes, create a strong graphic game that breaks the light, reflects it and shapes it, playing with the surface as the wind does, when it caresses the choppy sea or, unpredictably, changes the direction of our paper airplane taking it over the horizon.

Design: Zany Zeta J@n Design



USE: wall coverings - interior

MATERIAL: terracotta handmade printed and glazed

PRODUCTION: handmade

COLOR RANGE: Metallo Mix / Nude Look - unglazed terracotta with a wax finish

SIZE: 2 different modules supplied in mix - sides 20 cm  H 17,3 cm 

THICKNESS: 1,5<3,5cm