AMO - 3d maiolica

AMO is hand-made majolica that tells the emotion of the sea, its colors, its depth, the movement and the changing shimmer of the waves.
AMO allows you to create dynamic and original coverings capable of giving character to any environment.
The modules with clean and essential lines, thanks to their volumes and super shiny enamels, create a strong graphic game
that breaks the light, reflects it and the model, playing with the surface,
as the wind does when it caresses the choppy sea.



USE: wall coverings - interior

MATERIAL: terracotta handmade printed and glazed

PRODUCTION: handmade

FINISHING: Blue mix - glossy/micro craquelé   Metallo mix - glossy/matt

COLOR RANGE: Blue Mix / Metallo Mix

SIZE: 3 different modules supplied in mix - 15x15x1cm / 15x15x3cm / 15x15x1<4cm
















CUSTOM MADE:  different sizes or colors on request